The face of North Korea’s New Communist “Supreme Leader”

Kim Jong Un - Supreme Leader of North Korea - via: The Economist

Here’s the face of Kim Jong-un, the new Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK).  Kim Jong Un is the son and heir of Kim Jong Il who passed away on Saturday December 17, 2011. Jong Un is in his twenties and has inherited the control of what many consider to be a Communist Dictator system of leadership.  Lets see what history comes from this new, young and small powerful dictator and soon new Supreme Leader (General Secretary of the WPK).

As his father did, this young men would be in charge of a territory of 120,540 km2 and of 24,051,218 million people (the 51 most populated country).

North Korea is also a proven nuclear power and nuclear weapon country since 2006 that has consistently menaced the world with the use of its weapons in retaliation against South Corea and Japan. Diplomacy and food supplies to its dying population has been the methods used by countries in the United Nations to stop their menaces.

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