Cuba arrested dissident blogger Yoani Sanchez once again and after been released she tell her terrible story inside Cuban’s prison.
Over the past several decades we have witnessed a marked pattern of violent pseudo-democratic governments that have curtailed the citizen’s right to Freedom of Speech. What is required to defend freedom of speech we need to do a a moral declaration of an unwavering commitment to freedom in thought and expression. A way of doing this is by sharing this post and reading it out loud.


Links to the Spanish and English language blogs of a brave Cuban blogger have been on this blog for years. This courageous anti-dictatorship woman’s name is Yoani Sanchez. She was arrested recently by the Castro fascist police. Below is her communication from the English language blog. Notably, I was unable to reach her Spanish blog today.

Help by sharing this posting. It also helps if you visit her blog. Just activate the link on this blog: Generation Y.

“The sweat of the three women who put me into a police car still sticks to my skin and in my nostrils. Huge, hulking, ruthless, they took me into a windowless room where the broken fan only blew air towards them. One looked at me with particular scorn. Maybe my face reminded her of someone in her past: an adversary in school, a despotic mother, a lost lover. I don’t know…

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